We believe that working together to grow gardens, share food and power, and advocate for just systems - cultivates a healthy community for all.

Our Mission

Cultivate Charlottesville engages youth and community in building an equitable, sustainable food system through garden-based experiential learning, growing and sharing healthy food, amplifying community leaders, and advocating for food justice.

Our Approach

Cultivate Charlottesville aims to empower individuals to create a healthy and equitable food system – personally, in community, and across systems and structures. We do this through an integrated approach from three core programs: City Schoolyard Garden, founded in 2010; Urban Agriculture Collective, which began as the Quality Community Council in 2007; and Food Justice Network, launched in 2015. In 2018 we came together to implement a coordinated approach for amplified impact.

Our Commitment

At Cultivate Charlottesville, we recognize the role race has played and continues to play in agriculture and education in Charlottesville and the nation. Because we manage garden spaces and work with public school students and community members affected by racial inequities,we commit to building equity in all our work.


Cultivate is organized around the concept of Transformational Leadership which seeks to build equity through our very organizational structure. We believe that this model is a step towards deeper practice of our values, amplify diverse skill sets, create balance in our work, increase community engagement, and build equity where multiple perspectives, skills, and experience are valued. Cultivate Charlottesville Transformational Leadership Model 

Our Impact

Read our 2021-2022 Impact Report HERE.

Cultivate's Statement Regarding Black Lives

Cultivate's Statement Regarding The Land We're On