We're building food equity, together.


Cultivate Charlottesville engages with youth and community to build a healthy and just food system. We believe that working together to grow gardens, share food and power, and advocate for just systems – cultivates a healthy community for all. Food is a human right and we aim to create food equity – personally, in community, and across systems and structures. Together we are growing, sharing, and advocating for food equity.


Charlottesville City School students tend eight schoolyard gardens at the elementary, middle, and high schools. City Schoolyard Garden connects students to where food is grown, providing experiential learning and investing in youth leaders.  

Food is just one of those things that always brings people together.  Food tells a story. Food is love. When people put their hands into creating something, especially if it has a bit of a history and culture behind it—with a special dish, or with a gardenit tends to mean something. So, I think food is definitely a form of healing. – Community Advocate


Neighbors come together to grow and share produce at urban farms in public and subsidized housing sites. Urban Agriculture Collective continues a long standing effort to build bridges across differences through producing up to 10,000 pounds of fresh produce per year and coming together at weekly Community Market Days.

Over the past ten years,

360423 +

Youth garden engagements

123502 +

Pounds of food grown and shared by neighbors

3787 +

Individuals advocating for food equity


Together, nonprofits, public representatives, and community members ignite dialogue, create policies, and implement practices so that all residents will have the food we need to thrive. Food Justice Network advocates for food and racial equity and amplifies community power.

Our Impact

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