Take Action

Food Justice Network believes in igniting genuine dialogue and convening our city around a core vision. We host a series of events such as round tables and conferences, deliver presentations on our research findings, and invite powerful food justice activist to inform our local movement.

Ongoing Action Opportunities for Food Justice

Your ongoing support of FJN’s advocacy has a tremendous impact on food equity in Charlottesville.
Stay involved in these following ways:

Join the FJN listserv

Join the FJN listserv for meeting updates, resources, and take action requests.

Attend the FJN Bi-Monthly Large Group Meetings

Attending these meetings gives you the chance to catch up on our latest news, hear from our partner organizations, and meeting fellow advocates.

Former FJN Program Director, Shantell Bingham, wrote this foundational text which outlines the history and current scope or food equity in Charlottesville. 

The Intersection of Climate Change & Food Justice

Food Justice is a key part of climate action and is fundamental to sustaining the healthy and vibrancy of our community, especially communities of color and low-wealth communities. Let’s work to build a climate just Charlottesville.

Learn About the City's Action Plan

The Climate Protection Program invites community members and organizations to share feedback on the Climate Action Plan and ideas for how they want to be a part of moving climate action forward in Charlottesville.

Community Climate Collaborative (C3) has been working hard with partners across the city, including Food Justice Network, to pull together recommendations for improving the Climate Action Plan. Take action by signing on to the letter to City Council, letting your voice be heard!

Cultivate FJN is working with C3 to develop specific recommendations on the intersection of Climate Justice and Food Justice. Check out our letter to Council and review recommendations that have been incorporated – and others for which we are still advocating.