Cooking by Ananda

Hello, my name is Ananda, and I am a seventh grade Garden Aide. In this blog post I will be telling you about the treats we made from food that we harvested.

One of the first things we made were pickles. We created a brine and harvested seasonings from the garden. We also made cornbread from ground corn. We gutted pumpkins and pureed the flesh and toasted the seeds.Using the pumpkin puree, we made pumpkin pancakes.

We also made popcorn over the fire with the popcorn we grew. We then cut up apples and put them in a crock pot to make apple butter. It was delicious, but Jeremy didn’t like it because he hates cinnamon.

I had fun making these amazing, delicious foods as well as others and I hope I can continue to have this privilege.

Psst… This is Caroline. When we made the apple butter, the bees were really attracted to the sugar in the apples and they were EVERYWHERE! Nobody else seemed to mind, but it freaked me out. I do not recommend making apple butter if you are like me and have a deep set internal fear of bees.