July 22

Don’t shave your dog, make sure you’re sweating — and other things you need to know to prepare for the hottest days of summer (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 31

Virginia Home Grown with Cultivate Charlottesville (Virginia Public Media, Richmond, VA)

May 23

Community Conversation (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

May 2

Helping Charlottesville Become a Food Equitable Community | Sentara Cares (Charlottesville, VA)

March 29

Teaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Farm to School (The Dirt, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Community Food Systems Division, Washington, DC)


December 11

Envision with Aleen Carey (WINA Envision with United Way of Greater Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA)

November 2

Charlottesville is losing its community gardens to redevelopment — this group wants to relocate them to city parks (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

October 07

Charlottesville Students Take Part in Farm-to-School Program (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

August 23

Food equity advocates survey often overlooked public housing communities about their unique food needs and wants (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

July 29

Cultivate Charlottesville receives $140K grant from No Hungry Kid (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

July 22

Commentary/Opinion: Food equity should have a place in the Comprehensive Plan (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

June 4

Cultivate Charlottesville grows its Food Equity Initiative with a policy platform (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 6

Cultivate Charlottesville works to increase food equity through Spring Seedling Project (NBC 29, Charlottesville, VA)

May 3

Land is Liberation: Reflections on Session 4 of HEAL’s School of Political Leadership (Richard Morris for HEAL School of Political Leadership)

March 22

Locally-created hotline connects food insecure people with nearest food resources (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

February 26

The COVID Outbreak on Campus (Charlottesville Soundboard, Charlottesville, VA)

February 24

Agriculture and race: The complexities of rhetoric and reaction (AGdaily, Charlottesville, VA)

February 3

Students Advocate for Better School Lunches (Cville Weekly, Charlottesville, VA)

January 24

New 24/7 texting hotline connects people to free food sources (NBC29 News, Charlottesville, VA)

February 12

Virginia Communities Are Taking Food Justice Into Their Own Hands (Farm Flavor, Charlottesville, VA)

January 23

Cultivate Charlottesville’s launches 24/7 Food Security Text Line (CBS19 News, Charlottesville, VA)

January 22

Food Security Text Line provides information based on zip code (CBS19 News, Charlottesville, VA)

January 22

City and Cultivate Charlottesville’s Food Justice Network launches 24/7 Food Security Text Line (Cultivate Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA)


November 28

Charlottesville school lunch program gets a healthy-sized grant (Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA)

October 9

CCS and Cultivate Charlottesville Partner to Bring Students a Special Meal (CBS19, Charlottesville, VA)

September 28

Virginia Community and School Garden Network (20:04 for Jordan Johnson) (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA)

August 30

Cultivating Solutions to Food Insecurity in the Face of COVID-19 (UVa Sustainability, Charlottesville, VA)

July 17

Serving Up Relief Fundraiser offers unique prizes to increase food equity (NBC19, Charlottesville, VA)

July 15

To Your Health (97.9 WREN, Charlottesville, VA)

July 15

Cville Serving Up Relief Fundraiser Kicks Off (CBS19, Charlottesville, VA)

July 15

Here to Help: Meet Some of the People Getting Food to the Hungry (Cville Weekly, Charlottesville, VA)

July 15

Food Equity is the Lasting Solution to Food Insecurity (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

June 9

Harvesting Health (Community Climate Collaborative, Charlottesville, VA)

May 18

Determined to be Nourished (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 15

Aleen Carey Joined Jerry Miller on the I Love Cville Show! (I Love Cville Show, Charlottesville, VA)

May 14

Bringing Farm Workers, the hidden part of the food equation, into the light (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 9

Volunteers race to fight food insecurity in Virginia, worsened by COVID-19 (MSNBC, New York, NY)

May 8

School, Community Gardens More Than Just Educational (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 8

Cultivate Charlottesville Raises Money in Spring Seedling Sale (CBS19VA)

May 7

Community Gardens: Flattening the Curve for Emergency Food (Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

May 6

Facing a Spike in Food Insecurity, Local Organizations Band Together (UVa Today, Charlottesville, VA)

May 6

Charlottesville’s City Schoolyard Garden uses grant money to transport healthy food (NBC29 Charlottesville, VA)

May 1

Charlottesville High School teacher maintains garden (NBC29 Charlottesville, VA)

April 30

A Case for Systemic Change Amplified through COVID-19 (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

April 30

Groups Collaborate to Set the Stage for Enhanced Food Security (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

April 22

When the Crisis is over, what will have learned and what will we hang on to? (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

April 22

Cultivate Charlottesville Launches (CBS19, Charlottesville, VA)

April 22

Food Justice Groups Combine to Create Cultivate Charlottesville (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

April 13

Food Organizations Combine Forces to Feed More People During Covid-19 (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

April 9

Better Together: Charlottesville Groups Combat COVID-19 by Hiring Restaurants for Community Meals (The Charlottesville 29, Charlottesville, VA)

April 9

Partnership Aims to Feed Healthcare Workers, First Responders (CBS19, Charlottesville, VA)

April 9

Better Together: Charlottesville Groups Combat COVID-19 by Paying Restaurants for Community Meals (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

April 6

City Schoolyard Garden teams up with Chris Long Foundation to feed students (NBC29, Charlottesville, VA)

April 4

Charlottesville children to get meals during Spring Break; Albemarle expands program (Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA)

November 13, 2019

Friendship Court Garden’s Final Season (Cville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA)

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