A hearty thank you to all those who contribute, including the following 2020-2021 Donors. Our work would not be possible without their generous contributions.

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation
  • The Dorothea D. Nelson Charitable Trust
  • Renaissance Charitable Foundation
  • Rosstter-Cuthbert Fund
  • The LWH Family Fund
  • The Rimora Foundation
  • Page Shields
  • Albemarle Garden Club
  • Petis Pois
  • Aetna, Inc
  • Tori Goodloe
  • Piedmont Master Gardeners
  • Philip Harway
  • The 21 Society
  • Marilu Thomas
  • Mary Beth Webb
  • Krista Mondschein

Additional thanks to the many individuals that contribute their hands, hearts and resources to help build food equity.